Professor Ronald Barnett

News and Coming Schedule


New book: (120,000 word) manuscript just delivered to Routledge: The Philosophy of Higher Education: Issues, Debates, Proposals

  • The book surveys the whole field of the philosophy of higher education, with 20 essays, each devoted to a particular topic.  The book goes into new areas, stretches the field and offers a way of proceeding - in short, a philosophy of the field.


International groups:

Over the last few weeks, have been or currently am a member of the following groups:


Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society:

  • Recently elected as Inaugural President of this newly-created learned society


Book Series

  • With Soren Bengtsen, we are the academic editors for a Springer series on
    Debating Higher Education: Philosophical Perspectives.

  • Please do be in touch with me if you have a possible idea for a volume in this series –



Coming schedule:



  • 24 February: 'Realising the Ecological University' - invited webinar, Copenhagen University
  • 25 February: 'I don't have time to do research' - invited contribution to research day, Institute of Education, St Mary's University, UK
  • 29 April: 'Academic development and public leadership: a tale of three cities', Invited contribution to seminar, Oslo University.